Enter if you dare, to the world of Kass.

Most of the known world is covered by water, one great ocean which is boardered by two continents, Kas’Lorn to the North and Kas’Sunel to the South.

Kas’Sunel had been at war for hundreds of years, only to find peace after desolving all kingdoms into one singular nation divided into smaller more manageable regions. The regional governers were given absolute control over their territories and for the past seven centuries they have been hoarding their wealth, oppressing their people, and playing their political games with the lives of common men.

From this dark southern nation, three unlikely companions find their way, through one such political game, off the desolate frozen waste that is Kas’Sunel and to the warmer more civilized continent to the north. Unfortunately, they encounter an evil greater than the corrupt Burgermeisters and Barons of Kas’Sunel and rally together to stop what might be the greatest evil in known history.