The Scepter of Storms

Into the Deep (vol I)

How long can you hold your breath?

The newly formed group of adventurers stepped boldly onto the teleportation pad. In a flash they appear inside the lost temple. They find themselves in a large crystal dome which is held in place by coral that appears to have grown around the segments of clear crytal. As they peer through the glass they see they are upon the floor of the Ocean. There is a large moon pool in the center of the floor and the simple splashes of the water echo throughout the room. The teleportation pad they are standing on does not seem to operate in reverse. There are two other pads in the room, all three appear to be made of a single giant black pearl with brass inlay running across the face of it. The two other teleportation pads have been cracked and damaged beyond use. Across the room from where they appeared is a large statue who towers over the moon pool. The inscription only says “Sashelias”.

After a detailed search of the room, the party advanced down a set of stairs they located behind the statue of Sashelias. The struggled for a moment with the controls for a airlock, but once they figured out its operation they quickly advanced to the next building of the small underwater temple. As they casually strolled through the airlock into the darkened room in front of them, they were ambushed by a couple of Sahuagin. One tried to throw a net over Alduine missing. Alduine struck out at the beast with his trident landing a hit. Yet the beast still stood and lashed out at Tucher as she came through the door, but she retaliated with a powerful blow which left the creature to die on the floor. It’s companion startled by the strength of these new intruders attempted to level the playing field by breaking one of the windows and flooding the room. Cade Masters and Xander quickly entered the room and put an end to the remaining Sahuagin. The group quickly fled the room into an conjoining hallway so as to escape the flood of rushing water.

Seeing that this temple might also be a deathtrap, the heroes chose to push onward into the temple.


Jacquesfritzben Jacquesfritzben

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