The Scepter of Storms

Into the Deep (vol II)

The shocking continuation...

After securing the doors to prevent the oncoming rush of water, the party of would be heroes pushed ever onward. They listened cautiously at the first door and slowly entered. Inside they found themselves in a small room which had a large window facing out to the sea. The walls were covered in intriquet carvings and murals. In the corner of the room was a pile of fish backbones and heads, of which the eyes had been sucked out. Sifting cautiously through the pile of bones they uncovered the arm bones of a humanoid. After a brief discussion, they come to the conclusion that they do not know enough about anatomy to decifer what race of person this bone belonged to now that the flesh had been ripped off and the bones gnawed upon.

Finding no other clues and nothing else of value, they reentered the hallway and headed to the only other door they could see. The smell of rotting fish blood and kelp was overwhelming as they entered this completely dark room. Alduine ignited a sunrod illuminating this cramped space. The kelp and fish blood were covering a book which sat atop a small altar. Across the top of the room is an inscription in aquan which reads “Those who kneel to give me praise shall be welcomed into my heart.”

Alduine, eager to be the first person to rediscover his peoples long lost religeon, cleans off the book and kneels at the altar to read what the book has to say. As he kneels down he can feel a switch depress and a door opens on the wall behind him. Startled at first by the opening of the door, the group slowly enter into the room. Compared to the darkened rooms they had just traveled through, this room was almost blindingly bright. The walls were the purest of white pearl, but appeared to be one solid piece, and the light let in by the large window flooded the room with bright light. Cade Masters attempted to find some way of extracting some of the pearl, but finding no seams in the surface which could be exploited, he was slightly dumbfounded. In the middle of the floor were several corpses of dead Sahuagin which appeared to be chared, as well as a large brass seal on the floor. Seeing the bodies, the party stopped in their tracks. There was obviously some sort of magical defense in this room, but they knew not what or where it was.

There also stood a large fountain of Sashelias in front of the window. His hand was outstretched holding what appeared to be a large glass orb with water pouring forth from it. The base of the fountain was lined with hundreds of small beads of glass, and when Xander used detect magic to find the trap extremely large trap on the floor, he also noticed the beads were highly magical as well. The party decided to examine the fountain more closely to possibly find out the nature of the trap. Another aquan inscription was written across the base of the fountain, but it’s ancient dialect was very difficult for Alduine to translate.

“Those who (partake/receive) of my (gift/soul) shall be granted (access/passage) to my (dominion/realm). Those who (hold/carry) my (dominion/realm) will know of my (word/path). Those who head my (word/path) shall be welcomed. Those who stray from it shall be (smote/punished) by the (storm/scepter).”

Tucher ripped the glass orb off the fountain and rolled it across the floor to discover safely what the trap might do. As the sphere rolled across the floor, arcs of electricity shot up and sparked across its surface. But the orb reveild something else, there was some sort of writing on the ground in certain places. Alduine hesitantly, and with opposition from Xander, ate one of the small beads then walked onto the floor miraculously not being shocked. Seeing them to be harmless, Cade Masters injested several handfulls, only to make himself immediately sick, and causing him to run into the other room to vomit. He instead only ate a few, and pilfered the fountain filling a pouch with the beads. The rest of the party reluctantly ate a single, but put several into their own pouches. Cade Masters decided to walked out to get a closer look an was badly shocked in the process only to discover that it was not the beads which offered protection from the floor. Tucher realized that the water from the orb was what had uncovered the writing. Cade Masters once again attempted to assist by urinating on the floor to find more hidden word only to receive a crippling shock. They instead decided it would be safer to use a handful of the bead to discover were the writing might be. Once they had a starting point, they used their own waterskins, pouring the water onto the floor until they found the hidden words written there.

“The great one drove back the dark one out of the sea. The great one forced the dark one to fall upon his blade. The great one claimed the fierce weapon as his own. The great one used the blade to cut trenches in the depths of the sea. The great one caused the coral to grow and brought life back to the seas. The great one swung the blade to enrage the storms and bring the currents to the seas. The great one felled the giant beasts who oppressed the seas. The great one shared the seas with all. The great one calmed the storms to bring peace to the seas. With the oceans at rest the great on returned to his realm in the depths of the sea.”

By following the winding path of words written on the floor they were brought to an alcove on one of the walls which had been broken into and something had been taken. They also found a switch on the far wall which caused the brass seal to rotated upwards into a spiral staircase leading to the level above.

What awaits them at the top of the stairs?


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