The Scepter of Storms

Into the Deep (vol III)

No time for a swim...

The party slowly climbs the stairs to the next room. As they look at the walls around them they see beautiful murals of sea creatures and ships traveling across the sea. An inscription is written in several languages, including aquan, common, and halfling, across the ceiling.

I am a traveler, both night and day.
I visit every port and stop in every bay.
But past the shore I never stray.

There are two doors and the party of heroes attemped to no avail to open one of them. But this was not a complete failure, they found a scrap of paper trapped in the door. The edges of the paper were wet and there was what appeared to be dried blood dripped on the scrap of paper.

With that h…
His gifts were bountif…
The greatest of which being th…
fish, and other sea creatures. The reefs a…
oceans waters, bringing life and peace to all. T…

After spending some time to figure out what the meaning of the paper was, they decided to push ahead and search the only other door in the room before heading further up the stairs. The room appeared to have been mostly unused in some time. Ancient fishing nets and spears had been left in this room on racks, but the racks and the equipment on them had been abandoned for so long that they had practically all rotted away. They found some old coins that had to be worth something valuable. They continued to sift through the rubble for a few more moments before leaving and climbing the next set of stairs. At the top of the stairs awaited another airlock, but the party had a moment of pause as they noticed the corridor ahead was completely flooded. Cade Masters had formulated a theory about what the magical beads they had all eaten would do and climbed into the airlock to test his theory. He flooded the airlock and found out that his theory was correct, he was able to breath underwater. The rest of the party, with respects of Alduine who could already breath under water, were greatly suprized.

The corridor beyond the airlock had a large gap broken through in. And as the party began to swim out through the airlock they could see what caused it. One of the ships that had been attacked by the Sahuagin had broken the glass corridor with its mast as it sunk the the ocean floor. They made is succesfully to the other building in the complex and paused for a second to ring out their clothing. While drying off, they notice another set of wet footprints, they are not the only ones to come through here recently. Their hopes of it being the other adventuring party are quickly dashed as they discover one print which was definately made by a Sahuagin. They decide to go on the hunt for the maker of these prints. They follow the prints into the next room, where they unfortunately fade. As they search for more clues, they find a small pouch of coins.

The door at which the foot prints fade leads the party out into a hallway which they follow to the next door. As they open the door they catch two Sahuagins off guard and quickly dispatch them. Cademaster decides he is going to start picking up the tridents left behind by the Sahuagin they have vanquished for use against later foes. The Sahuagin had been dining in the room, and they notice something shiny in the pile of food. As they search through what they were eating, Tucher finds a human finger with a gold ring attached. She thinks she will be sick for a moment, but overcomes it and plucks the gold ring from the finger, small pieces of rotted flesh pealing off with it. This does not slow them down however. They exit the room and come to the last door way in the hall.

As they cross into the room ready for a fight, they are shocked to see only a wooden statue and a gold seal on the floor. The light in the room is muted and dimmed, even the light coming off Alduine’s sunrod. There are two torches burning with low flames on the wall, yet the put off no smoke at all. The statue standing in the back of this room is of a man in heavy robes. Above his head he holds a glass orb half filled with water, something floating delicately up the surface of the water, and the front of his robes hold an inscription.

“His words burn in my soul like fire, burn with passion unmatched by other mortals. He is the Harold of Sashelas, the protector of the sacred sisters, the guardian of the water of life. Bathed in Sashelas’s knowledge he is high priest Turaylion. Hear his words and gain the knowledge of the depths.”

While Cade Masters and Alduine climb the statue and attempt to read the piece of paper to no avail, Tucher discovers two secret doors on the walls holding the torches, but cannot find how to open them. A great debate breaks out about what to do with the statue with both Xander and Cade Masters grabing a torch each. Cade Masters wishes to burn the statue and Xander seemed torn by the possible implications if their action was wrong. Cademaster argues that there would be no other reason to put magical torches in a room with a wooden statue. Finally Cade Masters wins out touching the torch to the statue which quickly ignites into a blinding flash and large roaring fireball. The darkness that loomed in the room is lifted as the statue burns. Suddenly they can hear the glass orb above the statue crack, then burst open, pouring water out over the statue dowsing the flames. The piece of paper which had floated atop the water gently floated to the floor. In addition the two secret doors, which Tucher had found, slid open revealing two stone statues of women with one arm outstretched, a brass eel wrapping around their arm. The statues each had an aquan inscription on the base which read “To take his words from him is to blaspheme.” and “To find deeper meaning is his word is to reach true enlightenment.”.

The party pondered the saying for a second before they noticed the paper had floated out of the glass orb and had been unharmed by the water or fire. As they picked up the parchment, the words on the page which were once illegible twisted and contorted until they were able to be read by any who touched the paper.

Two brothers, as close as can be, yet as different as possible.
The youngest brother was given by water and taken by fire, nurtured by light and mired by night.
Thus is one obtained through water.
The eldest…(illegable smudges)…
Thus one to be earned through fire.

As they pondered the words on the page, Xander noticed the statue had appeared to be back to normal as if they had never burned it at all, even the glass orb had refilled with water. They chose it would be best to leave the parchment on the floor and exit the room, finding a staircase which lead down.


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