The Scepter of Storms

Into the Deep (vol IV)

Water, water everywhere...

As the last of the party stepped off the staircase, it quickly rose up to the ceiling, trapping the group in a large room. There was a large seal on the floor similar to one they had seen before. There were also four hallways that lead out the room, windows at the end of the hallway let in light revealing walls of quickly flowing water in the middle of each hallway. Near two of the hallways were a few dead Sahuagin.

Cade Masters aproached one of the walls of water, which instantly crystalized turning to crystal. When he reached out to examine the newly solid wall, words appeared across the surface of the crystal. “Speak the name of the brother given by water and taken by fire.” Cade paused for a moment then went to step back from the wall. As he did so, the wall of crystal instantly liquified and blasted forth a surge of pure water which pushed Cade back knocking him to the ground. His clothes were soaked completely through and the group was shocked to see if he was alright. Seeing he was alright, they began to examine the wall and solve the riddle. After some slight trial and error, they finally said “Life” and the crystal wall reliquified without blasting them. Alduine was able to walk through the wall to the other side. There he discovered several rooms which looked like they had not been entered in centuries, inside of which he found several conch shells which had aquan symbols carved into them.

Now knowing the secrets of the walls they went one by one speaking the correct words and searching the rooms beyond for clues. The next few walls were easily solved…
“Speak the name of the Traveler.”“The Tides”
“Speak the name of the eldest brother.”“Death”
But then they came to a wall which they struggled with. “Speak of that which is Sashelas’s greatest gift.” Next to the wall someone had writted seveal words in charcol, Reefs, Fish, Sea Creatures, Oceans, Sea, Water, Life, Peace, Dolphins, Coral. They poured through the notes Alduine had been taking, and tried several different phrases. By the end, they were all completely soaked, but they finally said “Currents” and they were finally able to pass through.

They searched the last set of rooms and found a few more conch shells, but still found no way down to the next level. They returned to the main chamber, and began searching. There Xander discovered written in charcol on the floor another list. Oceans, Seas, De~~~” They examined the seal on the floor once again, and though it looked similar to the one in a previous room, this one had writing on it. “To enter my realm, one must only give word to its name.” This took almost no time to solve as they could almost make out the last word which had been written in charcol, but has been rubbed off. “Depths”

As the stairs decended once again, Xander and Cade held back to make sure they could be able to return to the previous area if need be. Reluctantly, Cade joined the others on the lower level. Xander had to take a moment to figure out where his wolf companion had wandered off too. The stairs retracted and Xander was separated from the group. They waited a short while for him to return, but eventually decided it was important to push on. They could always come back to find him once the Sahaugin Shaman was dead.


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