The Scepter of Storms

A Buried Past (vol III)

Staircase of SATAN...

After taking some quick precautions, the party tied several lengths of rope around the waist of Aramis Anduil who ventured first into the ruins. The floor was obviously old and not upkept. Several sections of the floor we very weak and began to crumble underfoot. Aramis managed to avoid falling as a piece of floor fell to the level below. Edrich stayed steadfast at the top of the stairs belaying the rope down at a safe speed. The “little ones”, as Edrich calls them, began the decent next. Tucher and Winston stayed with the rope where it was safe to walk, but Cade decided to take a more direct route to the bottom of this ruin. He approached hole in the floor which had collapsed as Aramis had walked over it, and gazed down to the level below. Tossing a torch down, he was able to see a level area a short distance below him. After breifly gaging the distance, he believed he could safely jump to the level below, and he lept off the ledge. His specialized training had allowed him to lessen the impact from a short fall, and he was relying on that training as he touched down to the level below, but the addition of his weight caused the floor to give way plummeting him unexpectantly to deeping into the ruins.

Hearing a great crash below him, Aramis charged forward attempting to help Cade, but unaware of what was going on, Edrich tightened his grip to try to arrest what he thought was a fall. Aramis, was determined not to be delayed and cut the rope with his sword causing the rope to go slack in Edrich’s hands. Realising there was no longer any point to holding the rope, Edrich cautiously entered the staircase being especially warry of pitfalls. Aramis made his way down to the injured halfling who tried to play it off as if his fall were nothing. Aramis once again took the lead and headed down the spiraling staircase. Unfortunately, without someone to baley him, there was nothing to save him as he stepped onto another section of floor as it gave way. Cade rushed down the stairs to find that it ended at a door way. He listened causiously at the door to hear a loud groaning from the other side.

After a brief internal debate on the likelyhood that the groaning was coming from Aramis and not some hidious beast of the underdark, Cade opened the door to find a small room with the elf laying in a mangled pile of armor and rubble. Seeing their injuries were rather severe, the desided to rest in the room for a rather long time, until they felt well enough to push forward. Much to their shegrin, there were several more levels of stairs to cover to reach the bottom level. They are very causious and make their way to a door. They listen carefully and can hear some bugbears talking on the otherside of the door. Edrich readies a torch and a javelin to throw through the door, and asked Cade to open the door. As soon as the door is opened Edrich lobs the javelin into the dark and then follows it up with a torch, which both bounce off the curved stone wall infront of them. The voices stop and the group realise they are more than likely just beyond the archway which is at the bottom of the last short segment of stairs.

Aramis quickly runs to block the archway so that the bugbears cannot rush in and encircle the smaller party members. The rest of the party fire past him to take down the bugbears who are in the ajoining room. Unfortunately, durring the fight Aramis is badly outnumbered and was unable to watch the attacks from every angle. A lucky blow finally knocked him unconscious, leaving him prostrate in the archway. Edrich quickly steped above Aramis to defend his fallen commerade. They managed to beat back the bugbears and stablized Aramis. They causiously ventured out into the hallway. They saw several doors and a set of staircase which lead back upward. The desided that it might be safer to check the other rooms before they start climbing anymore stairs.

In the one room the searched they discovered several bedrolls and a chest. When they opened the chest they found a small purse packed with silver, a spyglass, and a green robe with intriquet brown embroidery and unknown magical properties.


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