The Scepter of Storms

Ancient Artifact


The Scepter is crafted from four separate pieces which all resonate with a weak magical aura. As the pieces are brought together, they begin to resonate an exponentially more powerful magic aura.

The pieces the Scepter is broken into are:
A Crystal Glass Blade- This clear blade is razor sharp and has no visible impurities within the glass itself.
Two Brass Eels- The two eels are helix shaped and lock together at the tail with their mouths open and facing one another.
A Coral Staff- This single piece of smooth coral is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and stands approximately five and a half feet tall. There is a brass notch on one end and a small blue crystal at the other.

A ritual is required to put all pieces back together and restore the Scepter’s power. Once restored the blade shimmers and turns to water. The entire scepter crackles and sparks with lightning.


Once wielded by the old god Sashelias, this weapon of mystical power was claimed to have carved the depths of the ocean and controlled the powers of the storms.

Upon the death of Sashelias, another deity attempted to claim the weapon and become a powerful demigod. However, the loyal followers of Sashelias bound the power of the weapon with magic and broke the weapon into pieces. The weapon itself was stored in a temple devoted to Sashelias located in the sea just north of the island nation of New Saristan. However the ritual required to restore the weapon to its former power, and thus grant it’s wielder with the power of a god, was recorded in the walls of a monastery far across the ocean to the north. To prevent the scepter from falling into the evil ones hands, the mages of the monastery put up powerful wards that prevented the evil deity from entering. The deity was so angered that he buried the monastery with the mountains it was built on.

The angry deity spent many years seeking out and destroying the followers of Sashelias. The knowledge of the scepter, and of Sashelias soon became lost to the world.

The Scepter of Storms

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